How to TP link configure

Internet is being used everywhere. Internet can very helpful in many ways. Its uses are in every field of life, whether its studies or commerce. If you are an internet user and connected to internet using a router attached to your computer, it is very useful to know how to configure your router. TP Link routers are very popular and well-recognized for their performance and quality. Here we will discuss tp link configure.

To all of tp link routers the configuration procedure is almost the same so it can be applied to all the routers. First of all make sure that your router is connected to your computer through a wired connection and the connection is established and working proper. It is important to make sure that the computer is set to configure IP address automatically, as if you have already given it IP address manually, it may conflict with the router IPs. After making it sure that the router is connected to computer and the connection is up and working fine, open your web browser and type in the default IP address of the router, which is most commonly and click the go button on browser or hit enter from your keyboard.

It will open a window or a new window may pop-up asking you the username and password to login the router configurations. If it does not open anything or does not ask login details, that check your connection and IP settings. It is discussed earlier, that the IP settings should be set to auto configuration. The default username and password of tp link routers is “admin”. It is used as both username and password. If it is an old router and does not accept this username and password then resetting the router can be helpful as it will take it to the default settings and login details.

After login successfully, on the left side you will see the menus. Choose the “Quick Setup” menu. In next page, you will have to give it VPI and VCI which are provided by the Internet Service Provider you are using. If you do not have any idea regarding these or do not know the exact value, you can always contact your ISP to get these values.

After inputting these values move to next setting which is PPPoA, you will have to choose PPP over ATM and click on next button. Here you will have to provider PPPoE login details, which off-course consists of username and password. These are also provided to you by the ISP you are using. For the IP configuration it is better to use DHCP, which will automatically assign new IPs to your computer whenever it connects to the router. After the completion of this process, save the settings and reboot your router and it is configured.

As you can see that it is very easy to configure your router and can be done without any problem. We tried to keep this tp link configure process details simple and precise in order to let you know and let you configure your favorite router.

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